Sunday, March 29, 2015

New project - Little fairy world (MAR IAR Challenge)

Hello Guy's ! Well, it's already in the end of March and welcome Aprilll!!. I'm so busy that never had a chance to post my work (or just lazy). :D. I really missed my crafting time wih my friends, but i must do daily work and it's just tiring, going home at night and related with amount and counts. Somehow i managed to find time to post my project. It's all about fairy, i love fairy so this project really represent how fairy world would look like in my imagination. LOL.

Detail about my project :
So the fairy sat down in the middle of flowers and flowers, love this! even though i found a hard time to arrange all the flowers. I love IAR flowers, just cute and they've so many different colors and  size, really match for my fairy garden.

 As you can see, how many flowers that i used to make the garden for  my fairy. LOL.
The ingredients just so simple, they are IAR flowers, little fairy and confusing arrangement. :D
Thanks for stopping by in my little world.

Would like submit to :

GA Studio